Celebrating The Birth of a New Quest Tour: Kherson, Ukraine!


The video you're about to watch may be one of the best we've ever created in capturing an event and making you feel as if you were right there.


You'll hear me talking with the guys between rounds of tables.  You'll see the ladies as they enter and hear them thank us for bringing such good men.  


You'll be witness to a Dream Connections First:


Our Inaugural Meet and Greet Event in Kherson Ukraine!!


This was a world-class start to a new journey for Dream Connections, the Men of the World, and the Ladies of Kherson.


We are proud to be part of something so special; Dream Connections is now growing from a small enterprise to an even larger International Movement promoting the creation of loving, multi-national couples.


As you watch the video (which highlights the classy and elegant way we bring heartfelt men and women together from across the world), you'll feel and experience it in a new way that takes you closer than we ever have before.


"Amazing. It's like every day you get up and you think about how good last night was, and each day is even better!"


The Quest Romance Tour will be visiting Kherson 3 times a year; if you'd like to be a part of it, Fill Out a Profile Form Today!


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