Week Update: 20-26 March,2017

    Week update 4 Videos -

    Why Dream Connections Is Right For You,

    Ukrainian Translators - Secrets to International Dating Success,

    Ask Mark: "When are You Ready for a Relationship After A Divorce?",

    How To Tell If The Women You're Writing To Is Legit


    Week 13 - 19 March, 2017

    Week update 3 Videos,

    Live From The March 2017 Quest Romance Tour,

    Ask Mark "What is Too Much Or Too Little When Giving Gifts?",

    Foundation Of International Dating And How It Works


    Week 6 - 12 March, 2017

    Week update 5 Videos

    Children in Ukraine Show Love to Thier Mothers on March 8th - International Women's Day,

    How To Tell If She Is Legit,

    Ask Mark: "Will She Be Younger Than Me?",

    Becoming a Man of Action


    Week 27 Feb - 5 March, 2017

    Week update 5 Videos

    Ukraine Shopping & Dining with Irina and Lisa

    Jordan Harbinger's New Interview with Mark Edward Davis

    What is "International Women's Day"? What You Must Know . . .

    Ask Mark - The First Rule for Living Abroad

    Finale Dinner - November Quest Tour 2017 - Nikolaev Ukraine


    week 20 - 26 Feb,2017

    Week update 2 Videos

    Ukraine Romance Tour Meet and Greet Events Nov 2016

    Ask Mark: "The Benefits of Cultural Differences"