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Chris Dwulet

Chris Dwulet

Administrative Director


Skype ID: @redwingdwulet

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Mr. Dwulet is more than just a director with the company, he is a success story as well. He met his wife, Julia, on a Quest Romance Tour in November 2016 and they married in 2018. He is runs customer service, logistics and marketing roles for Dream Connections and is a highly valued member of the management team.

Chris was educated as a chemist and engineer and worked in a major pharmaceutical company prior to his journey that led him to working at Dream Connections. In 2015, he was introduced to Mark through his men’s development program called, the Quest Mastermind. Mr. Davis quickly saw his rapid development in leadership and extended the offer to have him join the Dream Team in 2017. He is often the first contact clients have with the company and serves them well.

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